Stanley Agriculture

The Stanley area is part of the productive Central/ Western Wisconsin agricultural belt. Dairy farming, since the early 1900's has been one of the areas chief industries. Although the number of small family farms has decreased, the number of acres being farmed has actually increased. Several large dairy operations have been developed in recent years. The largest such operation is currently milking between 300-400 cows.

In recent years Mennonite families, mostly from Pennsylvania, have purchased many of the areas productive farms. They are good farmers who use modern techniques to maximize production.  Mennonite farms also engage heavily in the production of vegetables and flowers that they sell at a large Mennonite Auction Market in nearby Withee.

Another transition that the Stanley area is experiencing is the shift to the major production of corn and soybeans for the ethanol production plant in Stanley. A corn drying facility has been built directly across the road from the ethanol plant.

Locals and visitors to the Stanley area can purchase cheese at LaGrander's Hillside Dairy, W11299 Broek Rd., in rural Stanley. Varieties of Colby and cheddar cheeses is made at LaGrander's and can be purchased directly at their store. LaGrander's can be reached at (715) 644-2275.